Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween with four kids is always exciting! The kids dressed up and we did our usual trick-or-treating in the same neighborhood we always go to, then a few places around our house. The day after Halloween we had our annual party, the kids dressed up for pictures, then costumes were off and the kids ran off to play with all their friends. Thanks to the Kallaher family for hosting this year! As always, there was a ton of fun food and treats, and good company. We look forward to this party every year, because we've had one since our oldest children were not even a year old. I need to look and find the pictures of each time we've done it, because it's so funny to see how the kids have grown and changed in the last 9 years. Bradyn was not really "in" to the concept of dressing up, it was hard for her to walk in her cute koala bear costume, so she laid in the middle of the living room on her back and stayed there. Such a goof. We realized this may be our last halloween with her not really understanding what is going on. Poor kid got all dressed up then rode in the stroller while all the kids ran from house to house getting candy. I had brought a couple treats that she can have, so the last couple houses I let her walk up to the door, then I handed her the treat I'd brought and she was thrilled. Too bad it won't be that easy next year!

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