Monday, June 14, 2010


So, I admit.....I've been bored with my blog lately. Sure, there are things that have happened that have been worth blogging about. The kids are growing, birthdays and holidays have been celebrated, sporting events have occurred. But actually wanting to sit at the computer and write about it, post pictures, etc have been of no interest to me. Work is insanely busy this time of year, which is sometimes a blessing and sometimes not. I like not being bored...but being overwhelmed isn't fun either. We always talk about how much fun summer will be, so much more time for fun and relaxing. Then the schedules get booked with soccer, dance, swimming, etc. I'm thankful that we can give our children the opportunity to do the activities they want to do, don't get me wrong. I'm also thankful at this point we only have 2 of our 4 children involved in activities. Dividing and conquering is easy. Cloning ourselves 3 and 4 ways won't be. So, as time allows, I'll post more, and get everyone caught up on what our family is doing.