Saturday, September 27, 2008


We had a big milestone reached at our house tonight. Bella lost her first tooth! It's been loose for awhile....and she's been wiggling it like a crazy girl trying to get it out. Tonight she let Derek pull it out. He wrapped dental floss around it and after a few failed attempts, it popped out! She was very brave and SO excited when it came out. We do a toothfairy matching program in our house, whatever the toothfairy leaves in exchange for the tooth, we match. She put the tooth in a baggie and its under her pillow awaiting that first precious reaction in the morning after she realizes what was left for her!!! I can't believe how quickly she is growing up!

Soccer mania!

With Brooklyn and Bella both involved in soccer this year, we are running around like crazy! Practice is twice a week, games on Saturdays, and sometimes during the week. We've mastered the art of shuttling kids to and from where they need to be, and the divide-and-conquer when both girls play at the same time. Brooklyn is on a 2nd-3rd combo team, with her buddy Emma. Emma was on our team last year, and they do great together, so this year to ensure they got on the same team we told the coach we "carpool". :) Emma's family has 4 girls like us, and 3 of them are the same age as ours, so we have a lot in common! Bella is on a Kindergarten-1st grade combo team. She is very aggressive on the field, which is interesting because she's pretty calm normally. While unpacking some boxes we found some old soccer stuff of Bella's, so Brieyn wears that to the games so she feels like she is in on the action. Even though the stuff is way too big, she doesn't care and thinks she looks just like her sisters!! Bradyn just....well....hangs out.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Kitchen.....before and after

Ok, I have to admit, when we looked at this house for the first time....all I saw was the kitchen. It was I mean it was ALL green....from the olive green cabinets to the matching olive green appliances. Never in my life had I seen sooooo much green. And that was NOT a good thing. After we left, I told Derek that the kitchen was the first room we'd need to work on, because I could not see myself ever doing anything in there! Oh and another thing, I told Derek we were putting in a dishwasher because if you know know that I don't wash anything by hand, unless its by force. :) So our original more thrifty plan was to refinish the cabinets. What a lame idea that was, Derek got them stripped and repainted and the wood started splitting and it was not a pretty site. to Home Depot we went for new cabinets. Long story short, Derek and his dad did all the cabinets, Derek did the ceramic tile floors, and granite tile countertops all by himself. I love that he made me such a beautiful kitchen!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Green Bluff

Every year our family goes to Green Bluff to pick apples. We planned our annual trip, but were disappointed when we got there to find that it was still Peach Festival, and the apples weren't ready for picking just yet. The colder weather must have something to do with it. BUMMER! So the kids got to ride horses at Walter's Fruit Ranch, then we went to Harvest House. We came out of there with some fresh green beans and a carmel apple pie that was sooooooo good. I guess we will have to get our apples when we go back for pumpkins in October.

Brieyn Hope

One word describes Brieyn: Hilarious. She is SO funny all the time. She is crazy, and wants the world to know that she has her own mind, and can use it! She lets us know when her sisters are doing something they shouldn't be, and we laugh everytime something comes out of her mouth towards her sisters that sounds JUST like something that has come out of my mouth. Example, "Bella if you don't quit it RIGHT NOW you are going to time out!" Here are some pictures that made me laugh. She did not want to get out of the bath and was going to sit on the bathroom rug until we either dragged her out to get her jammies or put her back in the tub. Her vote was for back in tub, mine was for jammies. In the end, I won, but it was still funny to see her sitting on the floor in protest.

In addition, you know when you go to out and see that one child dressed in something really odd, like a superman costume in the grocery store? That is Brieyn.... today we went to the store, she insisted on dressing herself. She had on pink shorts, a blue and white polka-dotted tank top, oh and the most important accessory.....a sparkly tiara! We received a lot of looks, most of them seemed to say, "awwww sooooooo cute". Brieyn has her own style, and she ROCKS IT! Love you Brieyn!